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01 October 2019 - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand

Let Your Health Take FLIGHT!

2 October 2019, the location was set for the 2020 Umvuzo Benefit Launch at Gallagher Convention Centre. However the location was unlike any other with the apt theme being, ‘Let Your Health Take Flight.’ The theme was pulled through meticulously from boarding, arrival, departure, to landing at a very colourful Hawaii! This being the 15th anniversary of Umvuzo Health saw the fullest “flight” since inception showing growth and prosperity.

Guests were taken through a timeline of growth and development which was celebrated by all. Informative facts were relayed which included the astonishing number of corporate groups acquired since 2004 being 6 companies to 120 as the Scheme stands today. Another remarkable comparison was the contributions which were 9 million in 2004 and are projected for the first time to cross the billion rand mark.

Growth was attributed to strong relationships with organised labour, improving relationships with intermediaries, great value for money benefit options and a passionate committed Umvuzo Health Team.

The much awaited increases were announced with the overall average being 10.37%.

Proceedings ended on a high with the announcement of Maternity Benefit inclusions being additional blood & urine tests, 2D ultrasounds, prenatal vitamins and visits to the GP/Gynecologist (benefits differ according to plan).
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