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October 2019 - Red Sands Country Lodge, Kathu, Northern Cape
October 2018 - Indlela Country Lodge, Emalahleni
October 2018 - Red Sands Country Lodge, Kathu, Northern Cape
17 October 2017 - Indlela Country Lodge, Emalahleni

When we opened the car doors to step out at Indlela Country Lodge in Emalahleni, a very cool wind blew, but moments after we were greeted with warm welcomes from our satellite office agents. The day kicked off with hearty hellos and smiles all-round. Mr Alan Fritz presented the 2018 benefit changes and our partner, Mr Petrus Geel from Universal was present to answer all Universal/Network related questions. We made real progress in Emalahleni as the members and the staff could listen to each other and shine light on a few matters. Thank you Emalahleni for a great morning.

Umvuzo Health. Building The Future Of Medical Aid.

Photo credit: Jana Grobler
19 October 2017 - Diggers Inn, Welkom

We always feel so welcomed in Welkom! There is something about our members and staff in the Free State that makes you feel so happy the moment you see them. The 2018 Benefit Presentation was given at Diggers Inn by Ms Mereese Anthony. We had a fantastic turnout with a great and very interactive Q&A session. Ms Anthony also announced that our Universal Partners were present to help answer network related questions. Even after the Presentation finished, members and staff had the opportunity to ask and talk about individualised cases. Thank you Welkom for allowing us to be a part of the one big happy family! Till next time.

Umvuzo Health. Building The Future Of Medical Aid.

Photo credit: Jana Grobler
25 October 2017 - Red Sands Country Lodge, Kuruman

On the 25th of October we were "Vêr in die ou Kalahari". The 2018 Benefit Launch in the Northern Cape took place at Red Sands Country Lodge. We experienced the same hospitality and calmness that you only get in the Northern Cape. Mrs Busi Roberts did the honour to present the 2018 Benefit Launch. The crowd listened attentively and was engaged with her every word. Mrs Roberts ended off with an interactive Q&A session where members walked away with peace of mind after their questions were answered to their expectations. Thank you Kuruman! We love giving you peace of mind while we ourselves experience peace of mind here in the beautiful Kalahari. Till next time!

Umvuzo Health. Building The Future Of Medical Aid.

Photo credit: Jana Grobler
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